For the last few days, I have been thinking about farmers and farming in general in India. Born in an agricultural family, I'm quite familiar with this area. In my opinion, farming is the most divine job that anyone can do as a way of livelihood. So, you might wonder why aren't we pursuing farming as a a way of life. We all know that on average, agriculture isn't profitable in India.

Major reason for this situation is the huge information asymmetry between the farmers and other systems or the lack of information. For example, We all know that a huge chunk of agriculture is dependent on monsoon rains in India. A farmer would ideally want to plan the harvest based on the monsoon timings. But unlike the old days, nobody seems to have the monsoon time table anymore as they don't stick to the regular timings around the year, due to whatever reasons.  I wondered, how is the west managing this problem - my friends told me that west, for a long time and still, has a predictable weather patterns. Moreover, they also seem to have great weather prediction systems in place. Now that India is going high-tech, investments in this area could pay huge dividends going forward.

Another reason for the profitability is the high cost of human labour in an environment filled with all the above uncertainty. So I think that Indian agriculture benefits from machinery similar to that of  west's. 

I wanted to write a blog for a long time now. Its like one of those things which you really want to do but never get round to it. There was never due to lack of interest or due to my busy schedule. There is an invisible wall that obstructs me and the things i want to accomplish.
Whenever it is a choice of blogging vs movie, movie always wins hands down.Whenever I encounter the thought of blogging, my answer always is next weekend. It is a surprise how that weekend never materialized.
I always have a part of brain which analyzes my interests , keeping my goals in consideration and calculating the optimized path of action. But the surprise is, I find myself watching movies, checking gtalk status or clicking refresh mind numbing times in matter of minutes. I am always getting around to it. I kept promising myself that this will be the year for all these things. I knew that my life will improve, if i could put a little effort.There is a growing list of things i wanted to do and years passed,over this very same thinking process.My own mind has persuaded me to take up the acts of small-scale delights, while these movies have sowed these ruinous seeds.But this dark reality has awakened me, while I was somewhere between asleep and awake,when I couldn't figure out the difference between reality and fantasy.
I have been making faulty assumptions about the future,while the nature fills my day with incongruous stuff.Having known all these, Why am I making the same mistake, again and again? Because I have been making a lot of the time-inconsistent choices. 
I see that the moment has come to fight back the habit of procrastination.It is the time to think about thinking over this clash of necessities and wants..It is the time to be wise at thinking about thinking to make better choices. Now I am here writing this,and there is another me in the future who is influenced by a different set of ideas and desires. Now I may be able to see the benefits and problems of the choices i make, but it will not be the present  me who is going to face those choices.It will be future me - an unknown person. He may give in to the needs and demands of that time frame. He may come back to now me and feel the need to restart again.So it is time to trick the present and future you into doing what is right for both.

There is always a choice whether it  is about the government taking their decision on Telangana or me writing this blog rather than going for a ride.It's always  extremely sensitive and complex issue.